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So what exactly have you heard about blue lotus? Well blue lotus and sacred lotus, or Nelumbo Nucifera is very popular among the Ancient Egyptians, Nubians, Abyssinians, and a bunch of other historical African Civilizations of the ancient world. I first came acroos this flower while visting a friend's church in Oregon. He had a brew of Blue Lotus wine, the recipe of which he'd developed over many years. He explained the flower in a very artistic manner and then opened a jar of blue gold (as he called it) and I took in the most amazing smell of my life. We drank the wine that evening while smoking on the flowers - I thought I'd discovered the holy grail.

Today it has become very popular in modern culture as having mystical powers creating moderate euphoric feelings of love and happiness. The flowers of the blue lily have been found to contain apor-phine, a substance that is closely related to the opiate apomorphine. Many people like to mix the sacred blue lotus with their wine much like the Egyptians. Other blue lotus enthusiasts feel that consuming the sacred flower will give you that much more of euphoria. Don't forget, not only is there blue lotus, but white lotus and the pink lotus have also began to create a lot of curiosity.

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The blue water lily was sacred to the ancient Egyptians, ornamental and sweet smelling. People who have had the pleasure described the smell as being similar to that of a hyacinth, a loquat and even of a banana. Whatever the fragrance is like, the Egyptians loved this plant that represented the sun and rebirth. It was presented at parties, and took on a sacred significance at death. There is little wonder that it became the floral symbol of Upper Egypt, and a flower enjoyed by all people throughout Egyptian history.

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