Blue Lotus 15x Tincture


Blue lotus 15x tincture is made at a controlled lab in Thailand. Daily use of this amazing bottle will increase sex drive among other health benefits. Many say this is the natural alternative to Viagra - for both males and females. Blue Lotus 15x tincture is available on sites over the internet and comes in small glass bottles with a dropper. The dropper can be used to extract the liquid and is normally served by number of drops. A typical does is 6 drops in a liquid drink or can be placed directly into the mouth (under the tongue). Don't forget to shake the glass bottle as there may be a small amount of sediment in the bottom. Shaking will disturb the sediment in the blue lotus 15x tincture and each dose will be the same strength.

You can also add the tincture direct to an alcoholic beverage such as wine. If the wine is to be shared by 2 people, you should add 12 drops, if its to be shared by 3 people, add 18 drops, 4 people add 24 drops and so on. Basically you want to add 6 drops per person drinking the wine. The benefit of using a tincture with wine is that you don't need to steep flowers in the wine. We all know that once a bottle of wine is opened you have a limited amount of time before the wine turns. Using this method of add extracted tincture means the wine can be served immediately. Both red and white vino can be used.

General health is improved by used of Blue Lotus. Energy and blood circulation is increased and it goes without saying that sexual intercourse is a great form of exercise that releases the natural feel good endorphins from within. Regular sex burns calories, keep us fit and makes us feel good. A bottle of wine is an excellent setting for a couple to start a romantic evening. Add drops of liquid gold to the equation and the your in for an amazing night - guaranteed.

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