Blue Lotus Absolute Oil


Blue Lotus Absolute Oil is 100% pure extracted from Blue Lotus flowers. The extraction technique invented by the Chinese uses non-toxic solvents and is standardized. The lotus oil is organic and the stamens and flowers used are unsprayed with any pesticides or fungicides. In order to make 1 kilo of absolute blue lotus oil, 3 tonnes of fresh flowers are picked.

Blue Lotus absolute oil uses and preparation are as follows:

The oil can be diluted 0.5-2% (mixed with a base oil) and used for a sensual, sexual massage. It can be burned as an incense in an oil burner to fill any room with a delightful aroma. You can spray the oil as pot pourri, add to a steaming hot bath (3-5 drops) or some etheogen followers steep the oil in wine, hot water to make a tea or rub into cigarette papers. Don't forget this oil is strong - so use caution.

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