Blue Lotus Martini


Blue Lotus can be prepared as excellent Martini. We came across this recipe whilst conducting our extensive entheogen research and imediately had to try it. Overall this is an excellent drink if your wanting to consume less alcohol... you'll be happy with just 1. Its a great nightcap and will have you knocking out Zz's until your alarm rings.

Firstly you need to prepare the Blue Lotus (Nymphaea) Vodka. This can be done by adding 1-5 oz of Blue Lotus Flowers into a bottle of your favorite vodka (we enjoy Jean Marc, but were Vodka connoisseurs). You should let the brew sit for a week (occasional light shake wont harm). The blue lotus should then be filtered out using a cloth or fine sieve. The reason you can add upto 5 oz of flowers is that your only going to need one glass Blue Lotus Martini - hence only a small portion of your Blue Lotus Vodka.


Chill Martini Glass in Freezer with 3 or 4 garlic stuffed olives

In a shaker mix: 1oz Blue Lotus Vodka, 1oz Pure Vodka (or you can double up on the Blue Lotus Vodka), 2oz Gin, 1/2 oz of Olive Juice (dirty)... add ice and shake well.

Pour into your chilled martini glass, sit back and enjoy.


Blue Lotus Vodka Martini