Blue Lotus Wine


There's many different ways you can prepare your "blue lotus wine recipe," but remember that everyone is affected differently. Either you smoke the blue lotus or drink the blue lotus, remember to always have company while you drink the Blue Lotus Wine so your always putting safety first.

Now many people ask, "should I use a red or a white when i prepare my blue lotus recipe?". In our eyes it doesn't make too much of a difference. Obviously the Egyptians hundreds of years ago mixed their blue lotus with red wine, but the white wine in today's recipe will give you the same desired effect. You may see some discoloration in the white wine after marinating. So lets get down to the recipe...



1 bottle of red or white wine

1 wine cork

10-20 grams of Blue Lotus (petals and bulbs)

1 tablespoon of honey (optional)


First you open up your bottle of red or white wine and drink a small amount to make room for the blue lotus.

Second you take your 10-20 grams of blue lotus and stuffed it inside the bottle of wine. Make sure to include both the petals and the bulbs so you marinate all the active ingredients.

Third you cork the bottle nice and tight with all the blue lotus inside, and then place it into the refrigerator. Even if its red wine, still stick it in the fridge.

Fourth, you let your blue lotus wine sit for at least a few hours to a week in the fridge. The Egyptians would generally give the bottle 3 weeks, so the longer the better..

Fifth: After keeping in the fridge for your period of time, you're ready to drink your blue lotus wine. If it's a white wine you can leave it in the fridge and if a red you may want to sit it outside for a few hours to catch up with the air temperature.

Now this one bottle of blue lotus wine can be used for up to 2 people depending on how potent the effects you want. Generally, the bottle of blue lotus can be used by 1 person at a weight of 170 lbs. There is an option to use honey, depending if you like the taste or not. It can sometimes be a tad bit bitter, and if so, add a bit of honey to your wine to sweeten it up. This won't change the effects, only the taste.

As far as experiences with this blue lotus recipe, we think you will be quite pleased. It's simple and it will give you the euphoric/happy/relaxed feeling you've been searching for. It's also fun to experience what the egyptians experienced centuries ago if you're into history at all. We are yet to find a company that bottles Blue Lotus wine, but we continue our search for this product. I guess its so easy and fun to make blue lotus wine at home, that there probably isn't a market for such a luxury.


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Please let us know if you have any blue lotus wine recipes you think we should know about?! Feedback is always appreciated.