Blue Lotus Extracts


Blue lotus can come in many different forms whether you want to buy in the leaf foliage form, a liquid form called 15x tincture, a blue lotus resin, Blue Lotus 20x extract powder. You can purchase different extracts that will give you enhanced effects that the regular blue lotus leaf will. The difference is that the blue lotus extracts have concentrated amounts of Nuciferine in it, which contribute to give you all the great feelings out of blue lotus.

Personally, I believe that the blue lotus is very sacred, dating back to biblical times of Egyptian life. When reading about these times, the Egyptians never did create an extracted form of their sacred blue lotus. The blue lotus they used was 100% natural and included no extracting. Of course modern culture has taken many sacred entities and created different forms to absorb themselves in. Much like the sacred herb salvia divinorum, the salvia was never extracted until it made it to modern society and mankind found a way to get more out of this sacred plant.

So as you contemplate which type of blue lotus to buy, you really want to ask yourself what type of blue lotus experience you're trying to achieve. If you're trying to get a quick fix with preparation you may want to go for a blue lotus extract, but this will not guarantee you total bliss. After many reviews, it has been recorded that you will very much get the same results by getting the regular blue lotus flowers. And as far as preparation, there's not much to it, unless you're trying to create the ultimate blue lotus wine.

Rather than going online to buy blue lotus extract, why not just buy blue lotus flowers? The egyptians would take the blue lotus flowers and smoke it, brew the blue lotus tea which takes only minutes, even mix the blue lotus with their food for maximum healing. Remember, blue lotus is a very sacred plant and should be used with respect, using it to achieve a higher state of being. In doing this I recommend preparing the blue lotus in a natural way to become one with the blue lotus world.

As extracts do become very popular over the years, remember that the blue lotus grew from the water in a natural setting and wasn't intended on coming in contact with chemicals that would simply extract the active ingredients to try and get a maximum fix. Now if the blue lotus is helping you medicinally, I'm all for it. But if you do plan on creating a brew or purely relaxing with the blue lotus, go for the all natural blue lotus/water lily flowers. Arena offer a Blue lotus resin and a Blue Lotus 20x powder. Both are fine extracts if this is your path.