Grow Blue Lotus


The Blue Lotus flower is a pretty easy flower to grow and its living conditions are somewhat easy to control, as long as you dont live in very high or very low temperature climates. 

The blue water lily is considered to be an acid tolerant plant and grows in up to 3 feet of water. Now if you're cultivating the plant it can grow in much shallower water, where it only needs a few inches. The blue lotus is a tropical aquatic plant that likes to be in the hot weather getting lots of sun. The blue lotus generally needs at least 6 hours of sun or more and warm water is ideal. These blue water lilies develop very fast in warm water areas during the spring time.

How to grow:

In this section, I will list a step by step application on how to grow these wonderful blue water lilies.  A few of the things you'll need include:

blue lotus seeds
rich soil (Black Cow)
some 3-4 pots

First, in order to grow your blue water lilies, you need to plant the blue lotus seeds during the spring into pots of some extremlly rich soil, we like to recommend Black Cow because it's very rich in nutrients. 

Second, line the pots with newspapers so if they have drainage holes that will keep the soil in.

Third, you want to cover the dirt with an inch of sand to keep your growth from getting the water too muddy.

Fourth, you have to submerge in water about 16 inches. Keep in mind that the seeds are pretty small, and you dont want them to just wash away. You also need to know that your water temperature needs to be above 65-75 F for the Blue Lotus flowers.

This egyptian blue lotus definitely does become somewhat dependent on high quality fertilizer. The fertilizer really needs feeding about once a month with pelletized fertilizer. Now if algae grows due to the magical blue lotus fertilizer, thats fine because the water lily will still extract all the nutrients it needs out of the water in order to survive. 

Rhizomes can be lifted in cold water climates whilee preserved in damp sand in a cool greenhouse or at the bottom of a pond where it doesn't freeze. Remember, blue water lilies grow very fast and once they develop these rhizomes, they will need to be cultivated in larger pots. Be careful and watch out for aphids. You can spot these by turning the plant over. Aphids on your blue lotus could potentially eat away at your blue lilies until you have no more. A nice way to rid these is by give you blue lotus flowers a nice spray on both sides to prevent any unwanted problems.