Smoke Blue Lotus


There's many ways to use this wonderful blue lilly. Many people make blue lotus tea, others make blue lotus wine, but don't forget that it's also a very nice flower to smoke.

In smoking blue lotus, it's recommended that you get a mix of both pedals and bulbs, the reason being is that most of the active relaxing ingredient resides in the center of the blue lotus bulb. Don't be confused by the pretty blue lotus pedals and think that its the only part of the blue lotus you smoke.

Start off with a nice mix of about 15 grams/ .5 oz of Nymphaea caerulea Egyptian blue lotus. Take out a nice heaping pinch (a full bowl) and place into a water pipe. Smoke nice and slow and sit back and relax. Using ice cold water in a water pipe makes for a nice blue lotus smokeable as you don't want to burn it too hot. You do have to smoke quite a lot (2 bowls) to get a nice relaxing mood going and the taste is fantastic. We also recommend smoking the blue lotus while drinking blue lotus tea to really get the full effect of the blue lotus egyptian tradition.

If you do have other herbal blends, blue lotus goes well with every other smokable herb out there. You can always add a little blue lotus to anything to increase your relaxing mode.